Golf at Caldecott Hall 11th October 2017

Golf with Mark was excellent, it was great to get some exercise and learn a new sport at the same time. Mark was an excellent tutor and as a result of the sessions I have signed up to a full membership at the club. I met some good people and enjoyed our time together, I can’t say I’m a transformed man in terms of my fitness but I do feel much better for it.

Tim, 54

I would like to say what a great experience the golf was.  Mark is a fantastic tutor and extremely knowledgeable. I started golf on a Tuesday night and as I felt fitter and more active so I then started Boxercise and swimming, so I have increased my activity  level. The group we had were great, we all got along really well and have built up friendships, it was a really nice exercise to help you get fit and active as well as really good for your mind and soul.  Just walking around such a beautiful place is really good for your overall well being.

Lynn 56