Kurling with Friends 10th April 2017

We first saw New Age Kurling being played on TV. And shortly after while visiting friends staying at a local holiday camp, watched some guests playing it there and thought what good fun it looked. We told our son and he searched on line and found the sessions advertised at The Kirkley Centre. Unfortunately we were too late for the first week but went for a taster session the following week with friends and we were hooked.

My husband used to play bowls but because of a spinal problem had to give it up because he was unsteady on his feet. However with Kurling he can play while seated in a chair. He also has Alzheimer’s and this game is a stimulus for him, something to look forward to each week while socialising with friends.

The tuition was very good , relaxed, informal and fun with lots of banter. We are so pleased we joined and can thoroughly recommend it.

Margaret, 73